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Rathgar Pipe Organ
Rathgar Pipe Organ GUI - Instrument Page
Rathgar Pipe Organ GUI - Effects Page
Rathgar Pipe Organ GUI - Info Page
Pipes from the Rathgar Pipe Organ
Rathgar Pipe Organ in the hall
Christ Church Rathgar
Rathgar Pipe Organ
Rathgar Pipe Organ

Rathgar Pipe Organ

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     Made for Kontakt PlayerNKS Standard


22 NKIs | 2 MIC POSITIONS | 100+ yrs Old Pipe Organ | Authentic Immersive Sound | Free Kontakt Player | NKS Compatible | 780MB


About the Rathgar Pipe Organ library

The Rathgar Pipe Organ is a beautifully sampled library that captures the authentic sound of the 100 plus years old organ from the Christ Chuch Rathgar, in the south of Dublin, Ireland.

This unique library captures with detail all the character and nuance of this historical instrument. Preserving all the natural imperfections and all acoustic interactions of the sound of the organ in the church, bringing life to the instrument.

The Rathgar Pipe Organ was sampled and programmed to replicate the experience of going to a church and being immersed and surrounded by the powerful and magical sound of the pipe organ.

The library offers 2 mic positions (close and far) providing unique depth and control over the sound. It comes with 22 NKI instruments - 12 pristine natural patches and 10 processed creative patches - and various built-in effects.

Powerful and immersive authentic organ sound, in an easy-to-use versatile library.


A quick video about the Rathgar Pipe Organ:


We played the iconic organ masterpiece by J. S. Bach Toccata and Fugue in Dm with the Rathgar Pipe Organ:


Walkthrough Video:


Check out all the presets:


Sample Tracks:


Rathgar Pipe Organ Installation: 

The new version of the Rathgar Pipe Organ by Edu Prado, is NKS compatible and is available for Kontakt and Kontakt Player. It comes with a serial number and must be activated in Native Access.

  1. Start Native Access.

  2. Open the Preferences and set the Download and Content location for your library.

  3. In the bottom left of Native Access, click Add Serial and enter your serial number.

  4. Open the Kontakt tab and find your library. If the entry shows an Install button you can directly install it.

  5. If the entry shows a Locate button instead, you have to download the library from the manufacturer first. After the download, you can click the Locate button in Native Access and navigate to the library folder to select it.

  6. After you have installed/located your library, you can find it in KONTAKT's Libraries In KONTAKT 7 you can also find the Libraries in the new Library Browser. You can toggle the view with the Library Browser button.

Any questions or issues regarding Native Access, Kontakt or Kontakt Player, you can refer to Native Instruments’ website and support team.



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