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Extended Mandolin
Extended Mandolin
Extended Mandolin
Extended Mandolin
Extended Mandolin

Extended Mandolin

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4 NKIs | 11 Unique Patches | 7 Bowed Articulations and 4 Pads | FULL KONTAKT 5.8 or higher | 201MB

Included in our Texture Bundle


The Extended Mandolin is a creative Kontakt library with a sound of its own. It's EPS' new collaboration with composer Jan Pfitzer, and gives continuation to our Extended Series libraries, with the same concept of the Extended Guitar.

The Extended Mandolin elevates the raw sound of a bowed Mandolin in 4 virtual instruments (NKIs): Bowed; Bowed Motion; Pads; and Pad Motion. It brings a neat and straightforward interface with a great selection of built-in effects for quick amazing results.

The Bowed patch comes with 7 articulations: Long; Con Sordino; Sul Pont; Tremolo; Spiccato; Col Legno; and a Release patch.

The Bowed Motion has each articulation modulating individually at different rates synchronized to your DAW's tempo, creating constant endless motion, by only pressing one key.

The Pads patch has 4 unique processed pads created from the bowed samples. And the Pad Motion has these pads modulating individually, just like the Bowed Motion.

Endless sonic possibilities full of motion and character. We bowed a Mandolin so you don't have to.


Please Note: The full version of Kontakt 5.8 or above is required. Not for Kontakt Player.


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 Listen Now:


Walkthrough Video: 


Sample Track Breakdown with Jan Pfitzer:



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