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Massive Gongs
Massive Gongs
Massive Gongs
Massive Gongs
Massive Gongs
Massive Gongs
Massive Gongs

Massive Gongs

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Full Kontakt 6.7 or higher | 1.68 GB | 6 NKIs | Cinematic Impacts and Scapes | Multiple Patches and Velocity Layers | Dark & Bright Preamps



The Massive Gongs sample library is the new collaboration between EPS and the composer and sound designer Jan Pfitzer, and it takes gong sounds to a whole new level. From magical organic hits to impressive cinematic impacts and soundscapes, this is an extremely powerful and versatile library that every composer should have in their arsenal.

The Massive Gongs library is built from the samples from a detailed recording of a 130 cm Chinese Wind Gong. The Gong was sampled with the highest possible quality, using 2 stereo pairs of Neumann microphones going through 2 different preamps, a darker and warmer REDD.47 tube preamp, and a brighter and clear NEVE 1073 transistor preamp, to capture all the nuance and character of the gong. This gives the user the ability to achieve an incredibly rich sound, and adjust the blend to perfection according to their taste.

The organic hits were recorded with 4 different mallets (small, medium, big, and wood) with 5 velocity layers, and the samples are approximately 60 seconds long, to capture all the gong’s beautiful and powerful decay sound. The other NKIs were created from the organic samples from the gong hits and swells.

Give it a listen:

The Graphic User Interface offers endless sonic possibilities, providing gain control for both dark and bright preamps, and on top of that a selection of built-in effects including:


  • Dark & Bright Preamps;
  • Convolution Reverb (Space) with 10 carefully selected Impulse Responses;
  • Plate Reverb;
  • Attack and Release controls;
  • Pump effect (or Skream for Cinematic Scapes nki);
  • High-Pass and Low-Pass filters;
  • Mallet or Patch selection according to nki. 

The Massive Gongs sample library offers 6 instrument NKIs:

  • Hits: 2 hits (C and D keys) for each one of the 4 Mallets (Small = Yellow, Medium = Orange, Big = Red, Wood = Purple), and 5 velocity layers.
  • Expanded Hits: Organic hits samples expanded and transposed across the keyboard. Original pitch samples are marked by the yellow key in C3. Offers a selection of mallets in the top right corner that can be turned on and off.
  • Swells: 3 Short natural swells (Yellow), 3 Long natural swells (Orange), Long and Short reserved gong sample – with 5 velocity layers (Red – C and D respectively) and 4 swells with the wooden mallet (Purple).
  • Cinematic Impacts: 4 Cinematic Impacts carefully crafted from the organic hits, expanded and transposed across the keyboard. Each impact can be selected in the top right corner of the GUI, providing an even more powerful impact when layered together. Original samples pitch marked by yellow key in C4.
  • Cinematic Scapes: 4 unique Cinematic Soundscapes crafted from the organic gong sounds. The scapes can be selected and layered if desired from the top right corner of the GUI, the modulation wheel controls the aggressiveness level for each patch, providing great motion and intensity control.
  • Tuned Bells: A rich yet pure tone from the gong resembling a beautiful bell sound full of character, tuned and expanded across the keyboard for great playability. Original gong fundamental pitch marked by the yellow on the G2 key. The magical tail sound of the gong is nicely looped in a way that the notes can be held on forever, like a pad.


OVERVIEW with Jan Pfitzer:


Please note: This library requires the full version of KONTAKT 6.7 or higher. 


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