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  • Hybrid Percussion
  • Hits from 8 Instruments
  • Epic selection of big hits 
  • Real Analogue Tape 
  • Free Kontakt Player & NKS Compatible
  • Built-in sequencer with loops
  • 100+ Snapshots
  • 1.12 GB of uncompressed audio

Made For You


What's Inside

Strong Impacts:

Experience the power of our epic hybrid percussion library. Refresh your collection with new unique sounds. Achieve remarkable results effortlessly, right out of the box.

Perfect for Your Creations: 

Tailored for Games, Trailers, and Sound Design, our library is designed to be your creative ally, and level up your productions.

Ready-to-Use Presets:

Dive into your projects immediately with over 100 presets at your disposal. Spend less time setting up and more time creating.

Flexible Sequencing: 

Unleash your creativity with our versatile sequencer. With 10 loops to get started plus 2 users slots your unique rhythms are just a few clicks away.

User-Friendly Interface:

Enjoy an intuitive interface that puts all the tools you need at your fingertips. Shape your sound effortlessly, even if you're new to percussion instruments.
  • 8 Unique Percussion Instruments 
  • Analogue Tape Sound
  • 100+ presets/snapshots 
  • Step Sequencer with 10 built-in loops and 2 user slots 
  • Multiple velocity layers, Round-robins, and Articulations 
  • Epic Cinematic Booms 
  • Cinematic Bass made from an Orchestral Bass Drum 
  • Powerful engine and built-in effects for detailed sound-shaping

The BIG BAMS includes 8 percussion instruments with varied articulations, round-robin and multiple velocity layers:

  • Orchestral Bass Drum (or Gran Casa) – Soft and Hard mallet – Open and Muted
  • Frame drum (or Bodhram) – Open, Muted and Roll
  • Zabumba – Hits
  • Alfaia – Hits
  • Timbale – Hits, Flan and Roll
  • Snare – Hits and Roll
  • Wind Gong – Hits
  • Tam-Tam – Hits and Swells: Short and Long

Ramin Djawadi
Game Of Thrones | Westworld
Big Bams comprises enough booms, thuds, cracks, and smacks to get the percussive inspiration flowing. The organic and taped hits sound distinct out of the box while the well-crafted presets round out the instrument. Overall, an excellent hybrid percussion library.
Haku Yeo
Dungeon Fighter Online | KBS
Big Bams offers those high end cinematic sounds which is easy to blend into my original mix. It instantly makes the track fuller and edgy!

Listen to some serious hits:

BIG BAMS is Epic


01. Big Bams Organic Hits:

Carefully curated selection of big percussion hits, mapped according to the diagram below.
It includes an Orchestral Bass Drum played with soft and hard mallets, a Frame Drum, Brazilian drums Zabumba, Alfaia and Timbal, a Snare Drum, a big Gong and Tam-Tam.

02. Big Bams Taped Hits:

The same Organic Hits samples recorded through magnetic tape, adding the analogue warmth and natural distortion. Uses the same keymap as the Organic Hits.

03. Big Bams Cinematic Booms:

Incredible collection of powerful Cinematic Booms created from the Organic Hits samples.
Perfect for big impacts, agressive hits, sound design, epic trailers, games and more.

04. Big Bams Cinematic Bass:

Unique cinematic bass patch with rich sound, full of character and movement, created using only the organic samples from the orchestral bass drum hits. 

Bass Legato

The cinematic bass patch offers an additional legato control that can be turned on and off, turning the instrument into a monophonic synth-like bass with a legato sound creating a portamento or slide between the played notes where you can control the speed of the portamento.

Step Sequencer

Intuitive step sequencer with step number control, tempo selection and loops menu.

Creative Loops

The step sequencer includes 10 easily editable loops you can start from and 2 user slots. Click-and-Drag to edit or input velocity values into the sequencer.

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