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Bowed Guitar
Bowed Guitar by Edu Prado - user interface screenshot

Bowed Guitar

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5 Patches | Full Kontakt 5.5 | 442 MB

The Bowed Guitar is an extremely unique library, and, as the name suggests, it was created from playing an acoustic guitar with a cello bow.

The Bowed Guitar offers five distinct patches:

  • sul pont
  • long
  • tremolo
  • pad
  • harmonic







The sul pont patch consists of the guitar being played with the cello bow really close to the nut, producing a similar effect as the sul ponticello technique used in bowed string instruments. This results in a more harsh and airy sound, producing different harmonic partials, giving also a more organic feel as the harmonics are constantly changing.

The long patch presents long bowed acoustic guitar notes, with 3 different velocities.

The tremolo articulation played close to the nut, producing a similar tone to the sul pont patch. The speed of the tremolo articulation is not always constant, and the subtle variations give the patch more character and singularity.

The pad patch is the most different from the others, as the sample is already processed to achieve a heavy pad sound. To create the pad, a sample from the sul pont patch was extremely stretched and layered with different octaves and harmonics.

The last patch features a bowed harmonics patch, where the sound of the bow hair sliding across the string can be clearly heard.

The sul pont, tremolo, and harmonic patches have a special feature: when played with high velocity a different sample is triggered, where the left and right channels are out of phase, creating a wide stereo effect, simulating two instruments playing and moving in the stereo field.

Please Note: The full version of Kontakt 5.5 or above is required. Not for Kontakt Player

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